The Response


“I want to thank you for helping make the Halloween Celebration at the White House such a success. The President and I had a wonderful time, and this year’s event was spectacular!”
Former First Lady, Michelle Obama
“I just wanted to thank you for a great program.  It was a tremendous success and everyone was quite happy!  To put it into perspective, our adult programs usually bring in 10-20 attendees and our children’s programs usually bring in 60 attendees.  You had over 122 attendees!!! It was a smashing success!”
Loudoun County Public Libraries
“I look Delicious!!!”
Chris Stapleton, Country Singer


While the variety of rides at the park are great, as are the shows, we make a point to plan our trips each summer to include the Food and Wine Festival. While we do this because we like the variety of options available for our daughter (food allergies) to try, we really come for the Food Artists…
During each trip to Williamsburg, we talk about which Artists will be at the park that weekend. Getting, now 15, 13 and 11 year olds to talk excitedly about the same thing for 3 1/2 hours in a van with their parents is refreshing. We talk about what type of medium the Artists will be working with, and what they will be making. You see, we feel like we have made friends in the Food Artists. We follow them on Facebook; watch them on TV; but most importantly, we engage with them while at the park. We have found each one entertaining and inspiring. My daughters, who don’t like the rides as much, will spend hours at the stations, learning about the medium and asking about the techniques. My son (the youngest of the 3) will go on one ride at a time, so he can return to the Food Artist station to see what is progressing and ask questions.
As the parents, we love watching our kids get engaged with the Artists about various topics. They have inspired our family to try some of the techniques at home, and bring us together when one of them is on a TV competition show. As the dad, my favorite memories of the trips are that James Parker convinced my son to try his first carrot. Also, I love that my kids were so sad to leave the Food Artists that they convinced me to go to the park for 2 hours at opening, before we headed home, just so they could say goodbye to the Artists, and let them know we will be back next year.
The Grafton Family thank you for bringing the Food Artists, lead by James Parker, to the park for another year. It is one of the most enjoyable events that has come to the park since its early days. Thirty eight years ago artists came to the park from several countries in Europe and I still have some of their products.
We really like the highlands cattle that have arrived also and the many different animals that live or visit the park. We think is a very educational place to take our granddaughter and the artists let her make some decorations and feel the products they were made from. Of course, she likes the rides and we all enjoy the food and drinks. The artists add to the beauty of the park just like the landscape and beautiful flowers. May you always be the Most Beautiful Park for the local people to come, walk and enjoy as we do, quite often.
The Grafton family consists of me, husband and son, who have had season tickets for 41 years, and our son who added a wife 9 years ago and gave us a granddaughter 5 years ago. Purchasing these five season tickets is one of the first things we do each year.
Please bring the Food Artist Group back next year. Thanks for having such a remarkable entertainment facility in Williamsburg.
BUSCH GARDENS  by Sue Grafton