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Chef James Parker is one of the most recognized artists in the fruit and vegetable sculpting industry. He is the reigning champion of the fruit sculpture competitions on the Food Network and has been featured on the Food Network more than any other fruit and vegetable sculptor in the world. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Plate Magazine, Fast Company Magazine, Thailand’s GM Magazine, The Korea Times, on Fox and Friends, The Home Shopping Network, and on The Rachel Ray Show. Chef Parker studied the art of fruit and vegetable carving in Thailand, Switzerland and in the United States.

He now, creates amazing showpieces, teaches classes, and performs demonstrations all over the world. Some of Chef Parker’s fondest memories have been; Creating a 9ft long Sea Serpent out of pumpkin, winning the Fruit Sculpture competition on the Food Network, and Carving Pumpkins at the White House on Halloween night. Chef Parker is Director of The Food Artist Group; A group of internationally acclaimed food artists who travel all over the world creating jaw dropping showpieces and entertaining crowds with their performances.


No matter where you are in your life, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and you can overcome any adversity or challenge. James shares his personal story about discovering being adoption and his journey finding his birth parents and inspires your audience to:

  • Perspective and how you look at things, that you don’t have to be reactive to things coming at you.
  • He teaches your audience how to master the old adage of the glass is half empty or half full.
  • How to look at something from a heart that is grateful and looking at all the things that are good that have happened in your life, rather than the negativity and all the things that are going wrong, e.g. Are you made that you are sick? Or are you happy that you can get better?
  • Understanding everything has a good and bad.
  • How to make that choice purposefully to go a certain direction and think a certain way.

Audiences: General Audiences, Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Adventure Parks, Corporations


James shares his journey to untold successes to become one of the most renowned Celebrity Chefs. He entertains your audience through masterful storytelling about:

  • Finding your own way in the Culinary industry.
  • How it’s the simple things that ultimately make a huge difference.
  • Redirecting young students from being worried about their skills and what knowledge they have, rather than looking at, “These are my skills and I’m going to get even better at them”.
  • Mastering the simple things:  Being on time, not expecting to be late. Understanding that when you show up for a job on time, you are late.
  • How to prepare and succeed in  interviews. When going for interviews: show up on time, look professional, be assertive, rather than needing to be the most seasoned person.
  • Crafting Resiliency and Determination.
  • Being Proactive and taking action. Believing you can. Not being side railed by rejection. Finding a way over, under, or around.

Audiences: Culinary Student, General Students, Vocational Schools, Universities, Colleges

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“This is absolutely beautiful. This is some of the best work I’ve seen and I’ve traveled all over the world”

Walter Scheib, Former White House Chef to Presidents Bush & Clinton

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